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Themes: renewable energy
Title: nuclear as NUCLEAR PLANTS in Indonesia

As Nuclear PLANTS In Indonesia

Assalamualaikum warohmatullahiwabarokatuh.
Good day,
Designation. Miss early
As well as friends that I hold dear
Thank God praise be to God who bestows his grace to us so we were given the opportunity to participate in the meeting today. Well today I'll talk about nuclear.
Nuclear is a safe alternative source of energy evolved in indonesia and indonesia have the potential for the development of it. Probably most of the people be afraid when I first heard about nuclear? its also posibble our well? Why?
It is because our minds have been poisoned by an event of nuclear bombs in Japan and nuclear leakage events that impacted badly on the community. The question is why should we fear while Japan ever nuclear bomb just now becoming a great country that utilizes nuclear as NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS.
Big countries like the US, France, has been utilizing its NUCLEAR PLANTS as nuclear and proved the country had managed to become developed countries now. Then indonesia where?
Well, here I am going to straighten our perception of nuclear.
First, the premier, the second third is secure, nuclear, low cost, and produces little pollution.
First, the nuclear development in indonesia. It can be in terms of experience and raw materials that are available. Indonesia has an abundance of nuclear raw material untapped i.e. large nuclear raw material namely uranium. Backup 70,000 tons of uranium and thorium 117,000 tons in bangka belitung, West kalimantan, papua, and West sulawesi (between, 2013). The reserves of uranium that can generate electricity about 1,400 mw in 1,000 years, while reserves of thorium could produce electricity of about 117,000 mw in 1,000 years. In terms of the experience of indonesia has operated the first atomic reactor triga mark ii (1965) in bandung, yogyakarta, kartini reactor (1979), and a versatile reactor siwabessy (1987). However, until now the Indonesian people have not mastered nuclear technology for NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS. In fact, look at rate the chances of nuclear energy in relation to the future is the potential sources that could be said to be unlimited. After the uranium-235 used timeout (estimated in 50 years with a rate of consumption now), next generation NUCLEAR POWER PLANT would use uranium-238 which is converted to plutonium-239. Uranium 238 reserves that can be mined economically can supply an estimated NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS of which there are now over 3000 years. Compare with reserves of coal, oil and gas will end after masing2 210, 40, and 70 years of electric generation Process it does not absolve the fumes or dust containing heavy metals dumped into the environment or release harmful particles, such as co2, so2, and No2 to environment, so it is a NUCLEAR power plant that is environmentally friendly. Radioactive waste resulting from the operation of NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS is a former fuel elements in the form of solid. This former fuel elements for a while can be stored in the location of NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS before storage is done sustainably.
Furthermore, in terms of nuclear safety. It has been presented above that nuclear energy produces little waste and can be stored safely. In their subjects include environmentally friendly nuclear waste because of its production a little compared with fossil fuel because it does not produce heavy metals such as cadmium, arsenic, plumbum, as well as gas emissions such as SO2, VHC. Nuclear power plants use fission reaction (separation process of atoms becomes smaller core).
Furthermore, in terms of cost, indonesia has an abundance of nuclear scattered throughout the country and also therefore the nuclear charge was minimal. It was different from the fossil fuels that are now endangered.
And the last in terms of global warming, NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS do not produce greenhouse gas emissions one bit, whereas the fossil-fueled plants instead, because the reaction is different. Gas emission of provide courtesy PLN with a total of 20,059 mw (2013) has issued emissions of about 120 million tons of co2 per year. On the contrary, from the development program that is being rolled out 35,000 mw to provide composition is approximately 50% (17,500 mw) which will add 87% of co2 emissions. Nuclear electric 19.5% (98.639 mw), and based on the results of the survey, 83% of the public supports NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS adjacent to nuclear energy (NEI, 2015).
Therefore, this nuclear energy needs to be further reviewed and thought well. Indonesia has a very good potential in nuclear development. Why should we be glued to the deterioration of the past? To make indonesia a better we should do one big step. And daring in action. Once again the nuclear energy is energy that is safe, the availability of abundant, cheap, mass produced small but great energy, and reduces global warming. Therefore, Let's eliminate the paradigm of a barrier to mass ahead of us and let's support nuclear in indonesia for indonesia better.
Assalamualaikum warahmatullahiwabarokatuh ... ....

Sabtu, 13 Mei 2017

Visit to expo

Visit to expo
Hi friends how are you??? In the posting this time I will share my experience of visiting the expo stand in the auditorium untan untan yesterday.
Well my friends all come on follow his story ...
Tuesday night may 9, 2017 yesterday I went to visit the expo in the auditorium untan. I departed from my residence at 8 p.m.. I go along with my friends, including my roommate mida. The journey from where I was to stand about 15 minutes.
Following up on my audit entry and immediately headed to the expo booths there, incidentally an event there in teenee by some acoustic and children events the band streets. Here is the stand that I visit.
1. America corner
When I visited this stand by chance stand is closed. Disappointed actually because this is a mandatory stand stand should I visit. I also plan on tomorrow to go to this stand, but we are there practical until the afternoon. Evening rain and I don't have a motorcycle so I am sad to actually not go😢😥. I hope miss early gives little toleration.🙏🙏🙏
2. Upt untan
The second mandatory stand we visited was untan upt stand. I visited along with my friends. The interesting thing about this stand is stand this introduces a promotion that is training for free Korean, Japanese and Arabic 1 year for participants toefl value 400. How intriguing isn't it???
3. Aging untan
Our third visit stand is stand aging untan. The uniqueness of this stand is stand features an item that is reminiscent of the struggle over indonesia. The photos are on display at this stand is the moment that aging has a lot of work and visits. This teaches that soldiers stand, Indonesian soldiers is important and needs to be preserved Campus surroundings too.
4. Forestry
If talking about the stand that one is very unique in my opinion. The items in the showcase at the stand is a result of items of handicrafts, such as rattan rings and many more that I didn't know his name. In addition the Interestingly here are exhibited his sawdust tools. in fact, the guards stand it mamberikan how to use the tools are.
5. statistics data Studio
The interesting thing about this stand is fotoboots. In the fotoboots is a pay-5000 can be 5 times photo. And continued with data studio untan instagram memfollow, after that upload later will be the prize for the winners. Data Studio also offers a service for students who want the data studio then thesis will help.
6. Chemical Sciences
Waahhh if talks about the stand it I was very fascinated. In this stand is a combination of several booths, each of which offers its uniqueness. We visited the stand of the chemical chemical stand here introduce a trial that is in the chemistry that is titration. Chemistry also offers doorprize for who could answer the questions in this fascinating not stand? This stand also offers some chemical products such as SOAP and so on. This stand is the result of a collaboration of students and lecturers of chemistry.
7. Store France
This stand is a stand that appeals to me. This megenalkan that the tavern stand of France it was there. On the stand is also providing services in French in daily life. I learn just a little bit yesterday evening. In addition stand also offers typical French stuff so if visiting this stand felt in French wkwkwkw. This stand is also promoting that French language courses are in the tavern and is open to students, our comrade, come to France. Hehehe
8. Expo fkip untan
This is the last stand stand that I visit. This stand is a stand that is most memorable for me. These booths introduce goods in learning, such as the existence of the book chemical, biological preservation even dna model and so on. But the most interesting thing here is the presence of blood tests and blood pressure free of charge for the visitors of the expo. Wow interesting way?????😀


Jumat, 12 Mei 2017

My future business
I dreamed to be a sustainable business
Assalamualaikum warahmatullahiwabarokatuh,,,,,
Dream. .... Oh no as bad words for me, not because the dream but because of my own. I'm confused over my dream but I always feel confident I have dreams, weird huh???.
He said the dream was in tune with the talent of a born marked by hobby's childhood. I also think,
since childhood I like creating a song .... meaning I had dream. to become a composer. But I am not so shrewd in that my voice is also very ugly.
I think more ...😒😒😒
since childhood I liked the main selling-selling means I'm a trader. But I'm not really articulate and very sensitive in terms of selling sells.
I think small again I love playing doctor that I was talented to become a doctor. But the fact that I was very timid, especially with blood.😁
I think my dream is to become a teacher. But the situation has changed and the conditions I
And finally I found my dream IE pembisnis,,,,,, hahaha weird huh?
I am now enrolled in the chemical sciences and it indeed is my choice so I can't blame. Anyway I never regret it. But my dream now is a pembisnis,, why??????
Because of all the hobbies I never yan there is one thing missing that is small time my habit to be a boss at a company. Even to the present correspondence that I created and that I created the fake money was still I keep at home. Funny huh ...
Maybe people thought my dreams were not in accordance with the hobby and my ideals. But there is something they don't know about IE. I remember a Word from my teacher used to ever mention that talent is something that is acceptable and if we work with what we love we will be satisfied though not paid staff. That's a very key words underlie the I. The question is why I chose to be a busnisman??????
The first reason is about my childhood hobby like playing doctor-dokteran is actually not because of caring for pasienya but I love with drugs mainly material what is contained therein. I like to be a teacher, turns out when my boss is being a teacher for my employees. I like writing little songs, turned out to be busnsines I'm referring to is creating a new product. I love playing small sell-selling, well of course my dreams is related to it.
Then what to do with chemistry ...?????????????????
It turns out that my dreams are all my hobbies seewaktu small. And about the entry of chemical sciences. Because I wanted to create a product that is of course a chemical smell. Create products such as perfumes, soaps and other things that certainly related to chemistry.
Finally I really find business as what I want in the future i.e. be pem chemical business.
It's my dreams ... dreams you????????????????😉😉
As bad as the bad man is that daring to dream and don't make it happen
The best man is who has dreams and dare to unfold fuck it up ...
You and me can?? Show me thy action!!!!